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Hard Nosed Big Game Hounds
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Luwire Photographic Safaris
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Friday, January 22, 2010

Hermits why I like-um and why I dislike a Pis-Poor excuse for a Man

I could be a Hermit! Especially one like old Millican. He wasn't as reclusive as I would estimate a true Hermit would be. No, he liked to hob/nob with, "and it sounds like he liked to flirt with the women," the affluent folks he guided and lead on numerous expeditions. He was more than anything an individual and lived it however and wherever he chose. Good for him, and good for those who take his lead and run with it too, that is if you have the "Ca-hones." These days very rare: those that have that type of Ca-hones, that is! If you aren't born with them you will never know what I'm speaking of, sorry don't take it personally but, your Ca-hones have been bred into what you are, small. All the (go for it) is just talk with you! You will always have an excuse! So don't try and fake it, and don't irritate me by claiming to know "What The Hell," I'm talking about. Go on back to the porch and summon your friends to come and console you. Tell them what you tell yourself, " I could be that kind of man if I really wanted to be". And then go in and go to bed and lay there awake in your warm blankets and bite your lip and try and make up the best defense you can to justify why? When the dawn brakes in the morning you're going to lay in your warm bed and comfort yourself as you reach down and try to feel around and locate where your Big Ca-hones should be. AP

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Tavarua said...


I never write a lot but - Interesting post ...Why???and maybe why I like this blog is that you are living life to the full for real. Anyways,I was a few weeks back sitting with an old friend of mine now retired and discussing as you write -"the individual who lives it however and wherever he chose." As my friend lives by himself in a small cottage on an island and are definetly an "individual" who had his own path in life and strong opinions and still have after he spent the main part of his life as a soldier, instructor and later head of this foreign SEAL team and later UDT unit...(25 years not bad cold dark waters, and yes - he was active within the unit all these years - no paper pusher - If there was a formell dinner he would not attend the field was for him and his men until retirement) (I spent seven years in the Commando Unit - nothing special but some good years)we talked about the differences between the people who make the decision to follow their own path in life and I think that a very small certain procent is always just not going to conform to an ordinary life...(and sometimes even within an Special Ops. Unit there are x-tra strong personalities/individuals - he is/was one)and you are right on the money when you say: " I could be that kind of man if I really wanted to be". Excuses - we talked about this as well that this is always out there in the world...I respect that you are definetly one of the few out there who does not conform...Have your own path and opinions...Living life...

Have a Great Weekend

"This makes me smile - When I got married he traveled far to shake my hand in the church and whish us a good life and then said; no offense but to much people I am getting back to the field and the bush were I belong and he was gone"

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