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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Kansas on the road to freedom!


Today, April 22, 2014, Governor Sam Brownback signed HB 2578 the CLEO Shall Sign and Comprehensive Preemption legislation. These new laws go in to effect on July 1, 2014. Effective on that date there will no longer be any local control of firearms. All current firearms ordinances will be null and void and all firearms laws will be uniform statewide.  Here is a brief summary of what this bill does:

1.         Prohibits any city or county from expending funds derived from the proceeds of implementing, administering or operating a firearms buyback program.

2.         Preempts any and all local control of firearms and ammunition.  No city or county or agent of such will be able to adopt any ordinance, resolution or regulation or take any administrative action governing the purchase, transfer, ownership, storage, carrying on one's person or transporting firearms or ammunition or any component or combination thereof.

3.         No city or county or agent of such will be able to adopt any ordinance, resolution or regulation relating to the sale of a firearm by an individual who holds a federal firearms license that is more restrictive than any ordinance or regulation relating to the sale of any other commercial good. 

4.         Clarifies that no municipality can enact any ordinance, resolution, regulation or tax relating to the transportation, possession, carrying, sale, transfer, purchase, gift, devise, licensing, registration or use of a knife or knife making components. Nullifies all existing past ordinances and prohibits future ones.

5.         Prohibits the destruction of seized firearms once they are no longer needed as evidence. They may be traded with other departments and KBI, sold or traded to licensed firearms dealers, used for testing or comparison by the forensics laboratory or given to the Kansas Department of Wildlife Parks and Tourism for use in Hunter Education programs. Payments for transfers will be credited to the asset seizure and forfeiture fund of the seizing agency.

6.         If a weapon is seized from an individual and they are not convicted or adjudicated of a crime that prevents firearms ownership, it shall be verified it is not stolen and upon verification returned to the individual from whom it was seized within 30 days. 

7.         Cleans up the Knife Act from 2013 providing intended prohibition of enforcement of local ordinances passed prior to July 1, 2013 and addresses possession of knives by convicted felons. While daggers, dirks, dangerous knives, straight-edged razors, and stilettos are added back in to the law it is with an express intent and caveat that they are only prohibited for use with the intent to use it against another person unlawfully.

8.         Prohibits municipalities from requiring disclosure or making a record of concealed carry permits. Cities and counties are permitted to adopt ordinances, resolutions, or regulations relative to the personnel policies governing concealed carry of handguns by city or county employees, so long as in compliance with this law.  The bill requires any such records created by a municipality before the effective date of the bill be destroyed by July 31, 2014.

9.         Requires that certification by a chief law enforcement officer (CLEO), when a sign off is required for the transfer of a firearm or other item regulated by the National Firearms Act ("NFA"), be provided within fifteen days as long as the applicant is not prohibited by law from receiving the firearm or other item. NFA type items are suppressors and fully automatic firearms also commonly called Class III firearms.

Please call 785-368-8500 and thank the governor for signing this important legislation.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

From Jameson Parker

Is Man Really God’s Last Word?

blackpup   For the first time in all the years we’ve been married, Darleen and I are down to one dog. We’ve never had less than three, and at one point, due to circumstances beyond our control (soft heads, soft hearts, dogs in need of rescue) we had five, and the chaos level in the house was on a par with a badly run kindergarten. Imagine the lunatics not even bothering to run the asylum. We have decided to keep it down to two, but that still leaves us one dog shy, so we drove down to the nearest city to see about rescuing a dog. I’m not sure why, but southern California seems to have more than its fair share of irresponsible pet owners. Between three and four million dogs and cats are euthanized at shelters all across America every year. That translates to roughly 80,000 animals a week, and the shelters in southern California are overwhelmed. Apparently large numbers of people labor under the misapprehension that neutering old Rover or Miss Tabby is somehow cruel. Or maybe they’re just so dumb they don’t even think of it at all. The Audubon Society claims that the single greatest killer of migrating songbirds is the domestic (or feral) cat, yet people all over the nation think it is cruel not to let their cats out to play. It is possible the birds who get played with have a different perspective. And every mentally negligible moron in the country seems to think his dog is worthy of reproduction (“Let the kiddies see the miracle of birth.” I have actually heard that.) with the result that every time you go to the local shopping mall there are kiddies standing out in front with cardboard boxes of puppies they are trying to give away. Or starving pit-bulls running loose along the interstate. Or unidentifiable messes of bloody fur on the asphalt. In the years we have lived in our little rural corner of the mountains, ten miles out from a very small town, Darleen and I have averaged two stray dogs a year on our property. For the first four or five years we earnestly tried to find the owners, but after one such paragon of compassion told Darleen on the phone, “Ah, just kick him in the gut and send him on home,” (that’s a direct quote) we stopped trying to return them. Now we feed them and take them down to the shelter or, if injured, to our local vet. If you’re too stupid and irresponsible to get your dog micro-chipped, and you can’t be bothered to even keep a collar with a tag on him, you don’t deserve to get him back. But rescuing a dog is not as easy as you might imagine. We had to rule out a wide range of the shelter’s offerings. Pete is a male, a male with a tendency for brawling, and I have broken up more than my fair share of dog fights during my life, so it’s female only. We ruled out dogs with obvious communicable diseases, and dogs that showed any signs of aggression toward people or toward Pete or toward cats. After that we ruled out various characteristics or breed types that would make our lives miserable for one reason or another. We spent two days at two different shelters and finally gave up. The best of the bunch was a sort of Labrador kind of cross that had been neglected in a backyard for so long that it had reached a state I can only describe as catatonic in terms of its reactions to humans. She was fine with Pete, but completely unresponsive to the vet tech, to me, to Darleen. I can understand a dog being unresponsive to me, but if a dog is unresponsive to Darleen, it has serious problems. A pet rock would respond to my bride. So we are still, for the time being, a one-dog family. But what the experience left me with was a conviction that there is something seriously wrong with man’s relationship with his best friend. And if man can treat an animal with such callous disregard, how will he treat his fellow man? I don’t think we’re going to see peace on earth anytime soon.


Be scared, you can't help that. But don't be afraid.
Faulkner-The Bear

Monday, March 17, 2014

Down on the River

 Went out yesterday looking for Hogs, found a little sign here and there along the river bank but mostly just wanted to get out a while. One of my favorite spots! Blessed to have this area in my back yard.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Jimmy Kimmel interview with Rick Perry

Kimmel: "You once shot a coyote while jogging."

Texas Gov. Rick Perry: "True."

Kimmel: "You jog with a gun?"

Perry: "I do interviews with a gun."

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