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Hard Nosed Big Game Hounds

Hard Nosed Big Game Hounds
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Luwire Photographic Safaris

Luwire Photographic Safaris
Looking across the Lugenda from one of the camps

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

New Band on the Charts

This band runs their entire PA system off a 12 volt battery. They also made all their instruments by hand. They played for my 55th Birthday on the sand beach of the Lugenda River in front of our dinning room. Derek arranged the surprise and "A Good Time Was Had By All". The band rode into camp on a trailer pulled by a tractor. Not only did the band come but they brought about 10 male dancers that danced to the rhythm of the music much like some of the old R and B groups of the 60s.
It was very cool and I'd like to thank the whole staff of the Luwire Safaris, Derek and Paula for a most memorial Birthday. Wired for sound came and recorded them later that year and they have put out a cd you can order on ITunes.


Album Cover

                                                                On the Beach

Homemade Guitars

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