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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Mississippi Zev a little history

My wife and I went out to Austin this past weekend and a great friend was riding out with us. Well as usual my conversation touched on dogs as we all were leaving our animal children behind with family and friends. During the conversation we touched on dogs of our past and I brought up my two old Setters now long gone but never forgotten, old Jack and Ringo. Sarah our friend casually brought up the fact that her Great Grandfather had owned a Setter that had won the National field Trial Championship at the Ames Plantation back in 46. I was impressed and on arriving back home I began to research her Great Grandfather Dr. W. R. Trapp and his Champion, Mississippi Zev. So here is a little stuff on Sarah's Great Grandfather and the wonderful Setter he owned. I also failed to mention that a Setter Won that same Field Trial this past spring so here's a little info on that as well.

 Dr. Trapp and Zev

Shadow Oak Bo

Here is some great news for all my setter lovin’ friends. The drought is over for setters at Ames Plantation. Shadow Oak Bo wins the big daddy of em all!  Thanks to Ryan Frame of Dave Hughes Kennel for penning the story for me.  Stay tuned to Buck’s Blog and the LCS Blog for more news from Ryan.
John “Buck” Koritko
On the morning of February 13, 2013, an English setter named Shadow Oak Bo was turned loose against a pointer called Rivertons Funseek’n Scooter, a pointer at an important field trial The heat would be three hours long.
The field trial is the most famous and storied bird dog field trial in the world, the National Bird Dog Championship, run yearly at the Ames Plantation near Grand Junction, Tennessee. With time running down, Bo had tallied an impressive six finds and backed, or honored, his brace mate’s points three times (Scooter had five finds himself). Near the end of the time down, Bo slipped out of sight in the cover and was found on point again. Once more he had a bevy accurately located, his seventh.
When the National Championship began in 1896, it was won the first twelve straight years by English setters. But by 1915 and, fairly quickly, the pointer, often called the English pointer, had come to dominate in terms of numbers and wins. A setter called Mississippi Zev won it in 1946, then not again until Johnny Crocket won it in 1970, then all pointers for 42 straight years through 2012. Though Bo had done well, it was only the third day of the event Many more fine dogs had yet to run, but across the country, setter fans crossed their fingers and waited.
Owned by Butch Houston and Dr. John Dorminy, and handled by seasoned pro Robin Gates, many had thought that a setter could not win the National Championship. Some had said that the so called ‘All-age’ setters were the key and that there are not enough all-age setters to breed to get a National Champion. Bo’s pedigree, however, shows that dogs from nearly every area of field trials, walking and horseback, contributed to his genetics. It was thus a proud day for field trials and a proud day for setter fans and setter breeders everywhere when, on February 22, 2013, the waiting crowd heard the announcement of the 2013 National Bird Dog Champion: Shadow Oak Bo!
Ryan Frame of Dave Hughes Kennels

Nineteen Seventy (Johnny Crockett) to Twenty Thirteen (Shadow Oak Bo), that’s forty-three years! Before that, twenty-four years, back to Nineteen Forty-Six and Mississippi Zev; before that, back seven years to Nineteen Thirty-Nine and Sport’s Peerless Pride; before that, back nine years to Nineteen Thirty and Feagan’s Mohawk Pal, who won also in Nineteen Twenty-Eight and Nineteen Twenty-Six.
But starting at the beginning, in Eighteen-Ninety Six, the first twelve were setters, until Nineteen-Nine when Manitoba Rap became the first pointer winner. Another seven years until John Proctor became only the second pointer winner in Nineteen Sixteen. But that opened the pointer floodgate, and pointer domination of the National Bird Dog Championship, the World Series ─ Super Bowl ─ NBA Championship ─ Indy 500 of the bird-dog sport, ensued.
So it has been forty-three years since a setter has won the National at the Ames Plantation in Grand Junction, Tennessee. More than half a human lifetime. Some thought setter fans would never see another setter National Champion.

Pedigree for Mississippi Zev

Mississippi Zev 
Peerless Eugene M 

Sport's Peerless 
Iredell Sport 
Lady Burgess 
Watson's Stylish Lady Dawn Pedro 
Miss Virginia Lee 
Red Flapper Doc's Apache Roy Kelly 
Vic's Flapper 
Strange's Ghost Dancer Rubel's Mohawk Romeo 
Rubel's Independent Lady 

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