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Sunday, September 11, 2011

As some of you" Continue in Ignorance," I think, Meditation or Rant, I think I'll RANT

Your gonna say well here he goes again, and your right! so read on.
I am a Christian and I believe the Bible not the teachings of the allah, the buda, the holy cows, the holy monkeys, the motha of earth, the anything else tip toeing through the roses trying to convince everyone "to just get along!." This world has been at conflict since God created it. He made it this way not me. He made blood to be the great equalizer, we all got to have it flowing through our veins, we can all live and be forgiven because of the Blood Jesus lost dripping from his wounds as he hung on the Cross. In the end the Bible says blood from the final conflict will run deep as the horses bridle. My God is no stranger to shedding Blood, If you mess with my family I will confront you, If you mess with my friends I will confront you, If you mess with my country I will confront you, and to whatever level you want to escalate our little confrontational get together I will oblige you. You want to spill my blood? Be very sure "I will address your want." There is nothing, and I mean nothing in this world that hasn't been fought over at one time or another, so why do you think putting sugar on everything is going to stop human hostility? We're human, we were meant to be the perfect species but we screwed that up pretty quick! We have been fighting over this and that since the beginning. We crucified the only man that (never did anything to anybody). In my opinion a little fussing and fighting is good for us occasionally. It's good to be passionate enough to fight for what you believe, cause one day we may all have to fight for something dear to us.

If you are a Politically Correct Human Being or Family and you are teaching your children that this is the way, well you are gonna raise a house full of un-passionate go with the flow-ers. They will be followers not leaders. You can't be politically correct and be a man, simply put, you are afraid of something, you are afraid of how you are perceived that's the bottom line. Your afraid of saying the wrong words cause it might hurt some foreigners feelings, might upset some homosexual, might hurt you in the upper class circles you are seeking. Well, I have had a gut full of this none sense. You can't be a true friend of mine, you can't drink my wildcat, sit by my fire, dine at my table, sleep in my guest house or my tent. You will never hunt behind my dogs, or receive a heart felt gift from me. However if I find you desolate on the side of the highway I will give you help, I will show you kindness, I will try to comfort you as best I can but I will consider you a failure in life. Your a failure because you have lost sight of the truth and are too weak to look for yourself for the answer. You will just choose to be a fence rider and not stand for anything except becoming invisible. My dad used to say to people that raised doubts about his success at some task, "just hide and watch." That sums you up, go hide....... and watch! Come out when the coast is clear!

Listen, are you listening? Are you still reading?
I hope so, cause there's more. I have friends all over this world. I have muslim friends, hindu friends, gay friends, liberal friends, black, white and on and on. I hope they live long and prosper but their views are doomed in my view. I WOULD RATHER HAVE A PERSON AS A FRIEND THAT KNOWS WHERE I STAND AND RESPECTS ME FOR IT. THEY IN TURN GAIN MY RESPECT! I don't hate them because we are different, but I will defend my convictions to any degree necessary! I can overlook those with the politically correct attitude that are around me. I wont pick a fight with them about it. I wont confront someone and start a conversation about it but, I will defend my views if asked. I would be just as "sorry" as the politically correct believer if I sat back and hid and watched. This world is tuff and is getting tuffer. People you better take a cold hard look at where we are and know this.... Political Correctness makes you weak. This country can't continue and be weak. This country can't continue to condone the murder of unborn children, can't continue to give freebies to lazy sorry no good ass holes. This country can't afford the stupid Low Bred Judges and Lawyers that give a slap on the hand to criminals. This country can't afford third world type leaders in our Congress and the Senate! This country can't continue to financially support blood sucking third world leaders of doomed cultures, we only prolong and add to the agony of the common people affected. This country can no longer set back and be Politically Correct!

Now you can change or?

You can continue in Ignorance

If you choose the latter then please never read from this blog again. Drift away somewhere where your uselessness will not be a hindrance and listen.... Don't put me in some random category, I'm not a republican, an independent nor a radical bible thumper. Not a homophobe or islamaphobe or any other phobe, not a KKKr or a stupid arian nation type. I MIGHT BE a little red-neckish but more than anything I'm just a standard American man that makes a living with my own two hands. I come home at night to the love of my life, I worship her, my daughter my grand daughter my family and a very Hard Core God! I will die for all of the above at the drop of a hat. I drive a 43 year old vehicle and love my hunting dogs. My best friends run the gamut from millionaires to paupers and they all think like me and I cherish each friendship........ I'm just an American, but more than that,

I'm Right!

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