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Monday, July 13, 2009

Moving On

I started this experiment as a way to connect with like minded, barefoot, one-eared, independent types. I realize more each day that we are a vanishing lot. And really.... it is time for us to go. There is very little left to do. The Wild Places are becoming little islands and the water is rising. I watch, read, and listen to those who pull on their explorer uniforms direct from the catalogs and go forth to conquer. But, there is no more conquer, it was conquered generations ago, even before me. I am no frontier forging
aficionado, no not quite. I have occasionally in small wisps of scent filled air breathed a little of what it was like to be the first, but I can really only imagine. I'm not sad or disappointed, no, I remain in my soul one of the ones that would have gone, would have lived a short life to be there, would have died somewhere alone, forgotten to be there. This place of blog, (what a name for something)! This place tried to go hear and there and for the most part has stayed in bounds with the direction. But, I must apologize, for I have ventured into the haziness of the political view and that is not where I want to go with this. Obama and the D.C. Bunch can have it, (Politics that is) they are a waste of time along with the Democrats, Republicans, Independents and the like. From now on I write, share and show what's in my soul, not what hinders it but what it desires. My last Political Post preceded this, hope you all enjoyed it. Remember it's up to US to keep on living it the way our Founding Fathers, Relatives, Friends and Loved Ones wanted us to. We will levitate to greater heights together soon! AP


Tavarua said...

Well written - I agree we would have walked in the footsteps of Percival, "Bunny" Allen, Bror von Blixen and so on. At least there are few us with the freedom of spirit - Perseverance....All the Best

Tavarua said...

Not to Post - Not to Post

I tried not long ago to stop by your Gallery but run out of time...my wife was born in Alabama... now I am few continents away - by the way the life you have and are living...Fantastic - we need to stand by those old forgotten roads in mind and soul and to live it - and how many of those people understand this anyways///

Have great week

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